Idaho Falls Excavation Services

Quality Excavation Work for A Wide Range of Projects

When it comes to excavation services in Idaho Falls, Simmons Sports & Services has you covered. Our excavation services can accommodate most needs, including:

  1. Ditch cleaning services
  2. Dig new ditches and install head gates
  3. Clean up of property to include ripping out trees, sage brush removal, debris haul off, and leveling of property
  4. Dig trenches for water lines to and from your house
  5. Dig and install pasture irrigation on your property or fields. Either underground or above ground.
  6. Main line installation for agricultural pivots
  7. Dirt work for landscaping (ledges, rock setting, etc…)
  8. Dig trampoline holes, fire pits, and holes for swimming pools
  9. We often team up with plumbers to dig down to repair or replace leaking water lines

No one wants to break their back using a shovel all day. This is where our quality excavating comes in handy. We offer a variety of landscaping options with our excavators. We build burms, set landscaping rocks, dig trampoline holes, etc… These are just a few the Idaho Falls excavation services we can do with our mini excavators. We have 2 mini excavators that are so we can do small to large jobs. Our team of highly experienced operators will complete the job rapidly and professionally. Our work is guaranteed to satisfy your excavation needs in South East Idaho or Western Wyoming area.

Simmons Sports & Services has the equipment and experts you need for high quality, efficient Idaho Falls excavation services. Rural Idaho often requires excavation for a variety of different projects, and we’re here to fulfill that demand. Our excavators can be employed for a number of different services. Some of the most common projects for which we provide our services include:

  • Lot Clean Up: Our excavators can remove plenty of trash, debris, and waste in a short amount of time. We can also clean out around embankments, and within ditches and trenches. We can provide excavation services in Idaho Falls that will turn your cluttered, overgrown lot into a place where things can actually happen.
  • Dirt Work: Excavators are the ideal machine for landscape preparation, including moving large amounts of dirt from one area to another. We can also provide excavators for property leveling to prevent flooding.
  • Dike & Embankment Building: Our Idaho Falls excavation services are ideal for building dikes that will prevent the flooding of various areas of your property. No matter the terrain, we will be able to handle any dike building project you might have.
  • General Landscaping Projects: Nothing makes landscaping easier like powerful excavators – a huge step up from manual labor! You will be amazed at what we can get done for your property.
  • Rock Setting: Whether it is for structural or aesthetic purposes, our excavators can handle it. We can move and set large rocks safely and efficiently.
  • Ditch Digging & Cleaning: We can dig ditches out for fire pits, trampolines, swimming pools, and anything else you might need. If you have a ditch that needs to be cleaned of garbage, plants, and general debris, we can handle that too.
  • Property Cleanup: Our Idaho Falls excavators can get this job done very quickly. We will haul off all of that unwanted garbage and debris from your property, making it look beautiful again.
  • Removing Large Trees and Sagebrush: With our machinery, this doesn’t have to be tiresome, backbreaking work. We can take out this unwanted plantlife, haul it off for you, and fill in the holes left behind.
  • Creating Water Line Trenches: We will make sure these trenches are dug to the right depth and width. Our work will ensure that your water lines can be properly installed and secured.
  • Digging for Pasture Irrigation: This can be done for both underground and aboveground irrigation. Our Idaho Falls excavation services can be one of the key feature in the proper irrigation your pasture.
  • Digging for the Installation of Main Lines for Agricultural Pivots: This is the first step in keeping your crops properly watered.
  • Digging for Water Line Replacement or Repair: We can work in tandem with plumbers, digging down to these water lines, and the plumbers will take care of the rest.

Our Idaho Falls excavation services are fast and efficient. With their driving bases and powerful arms, our excavators allow us to get a lot of work done fast, and our trained operators know how to handle them. Our technicians are well equipped with the knowledge and training necessary to carry out any of the tasks required of them. We will make sure the job is done correctly. Our excavators are able to perform everything from small to large scale tasks. Whether it’s road construction, moving large rocks, small housing projects, clearing out unwanted plant material, or removing debris and waste, you can rely on us and our machinery. Simmons Sports & Services can provide mini excavators which have the ability to handle jobs both large and small. A mini excavator is simply a smaller version of a standard excavator. These machines can maneuver more easily in various places than standard excavators. Our mini excavators also incorporate tracks that make them ideal for smooth, flat terrain. The combination of their ability to work well in small spaces, and their ability to bring so much power to the job, makes them some of the most efficient machines available for most construction, landscaping, and other Idaho Falls excavation services. These machines can move 360 degrees, giving them the ideal range of motion, especially when they are in small spaces. Our excavators are versatile and appropriate for a wide range of services. Before we start our project, we make sure to take some of the following factors into consideration, so that we can adjust our equipment accordingly, and ensure that our Idaho Falls excavation services are done properly. These factors include:

  • Operating Weight: This is of major concern when it comes to projects on a terrain which is particularly unstable. Safety is one of our biggest concerns, both for our employees and our customers. We will make sure no accidents happen.
  • Digging Depth: We can adjust our excavators for a number of different digging depths. Our mini excavators actually have quite a large digging depth threshold, making them ideal for a wide variety of different projects.
  • Dumping Height: Just like our digging depth, we can adjust our mini excavators to reach a range of different dumping heights.

With Simmons Sports & Services, you will get the equipment, professionals, and Idaho Falls excavation services you need for virtually any project. With the excavator operators you can rely on, you will find that our work is fast and efficient. Our excavators are durable, versatile, and can be relied upon to get the job done right.

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