Idaho Falls Mowing and Dike Building Services

Simmons Sports & Services specializes in pasture work and we offer a variety of services to ensure all your needs are met. Our list of pasture work services continues to grow. Customers continue to be amazed at the transformations we can give their pasture, whether it’s getting rid of unwanted weeds, rebuilding dikes or a full pasture replant, we can do it all. Here are the services we currently offer: Pasture Planting and Reseeding Our innovative approach to seeding will leave you with results that beat hydroseeding and regular seeding. We start off with grading and leveling. Having a level pasture ensures water will evenly distribute leaving your pasture free of standing pools of water. Once level we rock rake. A rocky pasture results in patchy grass. Next step is the rough and final grade, additional dirt can be brought in if needed. The pasture is now ready to be planted. Our grass drill ensures the seed is evenly distributed meaning not only do you get a great, lush looking pasture, you also get what you pay for. Our proof is in the pictures. We know you’ll be satisfied with the results. And once planted we’ll leave you with our step by step instructions on caring for your pasture. Our process includes grading, leveling, rock raking, rough grade, final grade and hauling in dirt if needed. Our proof is in the pictures. Our step by step instructions is a fool proof guide at your fingertips for how to care for your lawn once it’s planted. Mowing We have the perfect equipment to quickly and efficiently handle your lot mowing needs in Southeast Idaho. Whether you need weeds or pasture grass mowed, you won’t be disappointed in the results. Dike building Our unique approach to rebuilding dikes means you’ll get great looking dikes that will last. Spraying & Sterilizing We offer a variety of spraying options for all you needs. For most noxious weeds in our area we typically apply Our licensed insured applicator sprays weeds and applies ground sterilant. Fall Fertilization Having your pasture fertilized in essential to the overall health of your pasture grass. Applied in the fall it is a great way to ensure your grass will come back in the spring looking nice and green.

Idaho Falls Mowing Services

Rural Idaho Falls has plenty of large lots and fields, and we are here to fulfill the need for regular Idaho Falls lot mowing and Idaho Falls field mowing services. When these areas aren’t taken care of properly, they are prone to all kinds of problems, including overgrowth of weeds, grass, sagebrush, and even rogue trees. These areas also tend to collect plenty of tumbleweeds and trash due to the strong wind with which the local residents are all too familiar.

These factors can pose many serious problems for your property, not only for their unsightly effects, but for other more destructive reasons as well.

Getting your property cleaned up with our Idaho Falls mowing services will help with pest control, as snakes, spiders, rodents, and other pests tend to accumulate in unkempt, cluttered areas with a lot of shrubbery, tall grass, and garbage. The more of these creatures congregate in your lot or field, the more likely they are to eventually encroach on your lawn and into your home. This will also mitigate the risk of fires, which can be a serious problem during the hot summer months.

Our Idaho Falls lot mowing and Idaho Falls field mowing services will also help reduce the accumulation of garbage on your property, as there will be less places for it to cling to. A wide open space is also less attractive to people who are looking to dump garbage and dead plant material. Trespassers are far more exposed in a clean, open area than in a tall, unkempt field. A clean and well-maintained property is also a clear indicator that the property is owned, and that outside dumping is not allowed.

Simmons Sports & Services will mow areas as preparation for construction, clearing up excessive plant growth to make way for the work that needs to be done. Our services will make the construction labor much easier in the long run.

Our weed mowing services in Idaho Falls will also clean areas up for social events like family gatherings, get-togethers, parties, and weddings. This way everyone can socialize and all of the events can be coordinated without all of that clutter, garage, and excess plant growth.

Simply put: a clean, well-maintained property looks and functions better. This in and of itself is especially important for real estate purposes, and for keeping your property maintained and to ensure its integrity. With Simmons Sports & Services, you can expect all of the right equipment for the job, and the technicians who know how to handle them. No matter what your property’s terrain might be like, our equipment can handle it. Whether your property features steep areas, tight sections, retention ponds, or other areas that aren’t easily accessible, we have the equipment that can maneuver in them.

Some of the many areas we often handle include:

  • Vacant lots for home builders and land developers
  • Construction sites
  • Farms
  • Ranches
  • Commercial properties
  • Acreage

Before we begin, we will make sure the area is ready to be mowed. This includes removing garbage and anything else that would spread or scatter under our mowers. After the mowing process is over, we take care of all the necessary clean up. When we are finished, you will be looking at a clean, spacious area without weeds, garbage, or debris.

Our mowers have seen a lot of weeds and other unwanted plant growth over the years, including:

  • Sagebrush
  • Tumbleweeds
  • Prostrate Spurge
  • Oxalis/Yellow Wood Sorrel
  • Morning Glory
  • Crabgrass

And plenty more.

So don’t let an overgrown field, ranch, or lot hold you back from doing the things you need to do on your property. We will get it cleared up quickly and efficiently. If you have an excessive amount of undesired plant material on your property, chances are we’ve dealt with it before. There isn’t anything too thick, tall, or unkempt for our Idaho Falls weed mowing services to handle.

Idaho Falls Dike Building Services

When it comes to protecting roads or land from flooding, our Idaho Falls dike building services might be the perfect solution. Our dikes and levees are constructed to prevent flooding, which can cause serious damage to roads, lots, fields, lawns and more. Water damage is one of the most destructive and expensive things that could happen to any property. But with our experts knowing the proper construction methods, and the machines to do the work, this is an issue you won’t have to worry about.

Whether it’s building them for the first time or rebuilding existing dikes, we have all of the right equipment and people for the job. Our experts know how to take advantage of the land, and to fill in any weak spots to keep the entire dike strong and consistent.

Our dike building services in Idaho Falls will keep your land safe from the harmful effects of flooding, preventing future repair and construction projects that can be even more time consuming and expensive, such as:

  • Getting rid of standing water from a flooded lawn, and repairing damage afterward
  • Repairing a dirt or gravel road that has been damaged by excessive flooding
  • Renovating a home that has undergone water damage due to flooding

Our Idaho Falls dike building services will not only make your property look better, they will give you peace of mind knowing that it is safe. With Simmons Sports & Services, you won’t have to worry about flooding or water damage.

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