Idaho Falls Snow Removal

snow removal idaho falls

snow removal idaho fallsIn Idaho Falls, snow removal is commonly required given the long, harsh winters that locals are all too familiar with. It’s easy to forget just how far we’ve come technologically speaking, and this is just as true for the snow removal process as well as anything else. Not only that, but the services offered by Simmons Sports and Services are comprehensive and will keep your property functional, accessible, and safe throughout the winter.

The History of Snow Removal

Back in “the day” (in this case, prior to and throughout the 1800’s), snow removal was extremely limited. While people who lived in rural areas could go without large scale snow removal services, those who lived in the city all had to contribute to some degree of snow removal. The early methods of snow removal consisted of citizens making an attempt to remove or level snow drifts so as to make way for sleigh traffic. This was accomplished with shovels or by hand, primarily.

Those who could afford it would hire snow removal companies to ensure that their businesses could continue to run throughout the winter. In Idaho Falls, snow removal would have been incredibly difficult at its early history in 1864.

Over time, people started to experiment with new and more efficient ways of removing snow. This began as a makeshift snow plow consisting of a plow mounted in front of a horse drawn cart. This is likely how Idaho Falls snow removal first began on a somewhat larger scale than by shovel. This new method allowed people to remove snow much faster, and with comparatively less energy expended on the chore. The end result was more streets opened up for traffic more reliably, but the job was still relatively inefficient and ultimately incomplete.

Finally, people started getting wise and decided to mount snow plows to the front of intercity trains. This streamlined the whole snow removal process, although in Idaho Falls, snow removal was obviously not quite up to par with this method. Needless to say, the first successful attempts at this in more urban areas throughout the country must have been exhilarating and rewarding. That said, this new method of snow removal also came with a price. While it opened up main streets, it also ended up causing large pile ups of snow on various side streets, sidewalks, and blocked off various allies. This ended up being a major inconvenience for businessmen who traveled by foot, as they required these areas to get to work.

Snow Removal for the Modern Age

Fortunately for all of us, the technology behind snow removal has come a long way since its humble origins in the late 1700’s. Snow and ice can be removed in large quantities at a massive scale, without much inconvenience. Sure, we all have to put up with the occasional large pile of snow in a major parking lot, or have our routes diverted or slowed down by snow removal trucks and workers. However, this is a relatively minor inconvenience when compared to the overall benefits we receive from this technology.

In Idaho Falls, snow removal companies like Simmons Sports and Services utilize large trucks, trailers, and excavators to remove massive amounts of snow in a relatively short amount of time, keeping your property safe and functional for everyone.

Idaho Falls Snow Removal Services by Simmons Sports and Services

As the weather gets cold again and all of the leaves begin to change color and fall to the ground, we at Simmons Sports and Services know that snow removal is about to be in high demand.

While snow presents a number of risks in and of itself, such as increased risk of slipping as well as higher chance of electrocution if repairs are to be made outdoors, the process of removing snow is also risky.

Many people simply can’t risk the strain of attempting to remove snow themselves, especially if there are high amounts of it or it is snowing consistently. People of advanced age shouldn’t be taking the risks that come with trying to remove mass amounts of snow themselves. This is especially true if snow must be removed from rooftops, as it is far more difficult to access these areas in the winter time, and the consequences of falling are far more severe.

Simmons Sports and Services will take these risks for you, and what’s more, we can do so with the machines that make the job just that much easier. Our snow removal services in Idaho Falls are guaranteed to keep your property safe and functional, whether it’s a commercial or residential property. This comes with a number of benefits:

  • Higher amounts of customers in the winter (as people are more likely to visit a store that has all of its snow removed)
  • Less of a chance of injury to customers or employees resulting from slips or falls
  • Lower chance of personal injury litigation from customers or employees
  • Peace of mind knowing your property is in compliance with state regulations

snow removal idaho falls

People also often require our Idaho Falls snow removal services for ice removal, which we can perform as well. This is particularly useful for people’s gutters, in which ice often accumulates, resulting in large icicles which can be particularly dangerous to the occupants of the house. This ice buildup also prevents melted snow from properly draining off the house which only exacerbates the issue. The weight of all of that frozen ice also causes damage to your gutters.

The buildup of ice in the gutters is often referred to as an “ice dam”, and if not taken care of, can cost far more in damage than the cost of the ice removal itself. Ice is also a major factor of concern on sidewalks and throughout driveways and parking lots, causing car accidents and damage to person and property.

Structural damage is also common as a result of snow buildup, which can damage the roofs of both commercial and residential properties alike. Not only that, but tree branches can break due to the weight of the snow. This poses a risk to cars and building structures, as well as the very real threat of personal injury.

The Idaho Falls snow removal services you will get from Simmons Sports and Services will help ensure that all of these problems are taken care of. We operate all of the right equipment to remove snow and ice from your property, including:

  • Heavy tractors
  • Plows
  • Flatbed diesel work trucks
  • Excavators

And plenty of other equipment. We also have the technicians who know how to operate this equipment safely and efficiently.

If you require Idaho Falls snow removal services, contact Simmons Sports and Services today!

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